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From a backyard party, product release, fashion show to an upscale wedding reception, JM Entertainment does it all. And we do it well!

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Your wedding day is very important to us. The music will create the right atmosphere, It will control emotions, and It will be critical to everyone's enjoyment, while guests and family enjoy your company as a newly married couple. Choosing the perfect DJ for your wedding reception is a big decision. Think about this for example....If your wedding cake is too dry..well, most will forget about it. But.. If your DJ stinks, they will remember that forever. Let us make your decision an easy one! Relax and let our experience make your day fantastic!

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Proms and Dances

Whether you’re planning a dance in your school gym or off school campus, JM Entertainment always up-to-date with current edited versions of high school music tastes and trends to keep your high school party amped up…while keeping the administration happy! JM Entertainment is current with all the latest dances and the songs that go with them. Let us lead the student body and faculty in the latest dances at your next school's event and I guarantee it will be memorable for years to come. Click on the link below for more info.

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Corporate Events

We can provide a DJ services for Work parties, Product launches, Cocktail nights, Fashion shows, and anything else you can think of as an excuse to get your boss to pay for! Our DJ will adjust their approach according to your needs. Whether you want your function to be a relaxed, chilled and ambient environment, or whether you want a wild party where everyone can let loose and ease their work pressures. We have an extensive music library that covers many genres from 50's to today. We only use industry standard Audio and Visual equipment for reliabiliy

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