JM Entertainment

Proms and Dances

JM Entertainment takes great pride in trying to make your prom or school dance the very best it could be. It will be "A Night to Remember!"


A Night To Remember

Do you have your ticket to prom yet? You will when you find out that JM Entertainment will be there with the latest songs and dances. From Homecommings, Sadie Hawkins, Spring Fling, Winter Dance and Proms JM Entertainment will rock your dance until they turn off the lights and kick us out.

Middle School to Beta Kapa

We are also known for rocking school events ranging from 13 year olds in middle school, to 16 year olds at their first prom, to Greeks in fraternity houses. We know exactly what to play and when. Most importantly, we have the radio edits of the songs that are hot on the radio right now. We can cater the sound and lights to your scene. We have a massive system for up to 2000 students, or a much smaller system for a frat party in a basement.


Your class DJ

Whether you’re planning a dance in your school gym or off school campus, JM Entertainment always up-to-date with current edited versions for faculty music tastes and trends to keep any school party amped up…while keeping the administration happy! JM Entertainment is current with all the latest dances and the songs that go with them. Let us lead the student body and faculty in the latest dances at your next school's event and I guarantee it will be memorable for years to come. Click on the contact link above for more info.